Parents, Carers and Guardians

When it comes to anti-doping, you have a vital role in helping your child be clean and stay clean.

Achieving success in sport is a long and challenging journey filled with many highs and lows. Parents, carers and guardians can be a great support to athletes along the way.

By being engaged in your child’s sporting career, you see first hand how they cope with the lows, when they have their frustrating moments and when they might be susceptible to external pressure to make the wrong choices.

You may not be aware, but under the Anti-Doping Rules your child is responsible for any prohibited substance they use, attempt to use or is found in their system, even if they had no intention to cheat.

You need to understand what this means and how it impacts on you and your child.

Parents and Carers Booklet

Check out our Parents and Carers Booklet for your clean sport essentials!