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Testing Process for Minors

As an athlete under the age of 18, you are considered a minor. You may not be aware, but you can still be tested.

Much of the testing process is the same as older athletes, however modifications are made to ensure minors are safeguarded.  

It is important to remember that at any point in the testing process you can ask questions to ensure you feel confident and happy with the process.

The facts - what you need to know

When testing minors, here are the main modifications to the process you should be aware of:

  • Minors should be notified for testing by a Doping Control Officer (DCO) or Chaperone in the presence of an Athlete Representative (who is not a Minor). This could be a National Governing Body representative, coach, parent, etc. If the Minor declines a representative, the DCO or Chaperone will ensure another adult is present e.g. another Chaperone. If an adult is not present, notification will be paused until an adult can be present. 

  • Minors are encouraged to take a representative with them if they are notified for testing. This representative can be the same adult present during the notification or a different person. The athlete will be chaperoned by the DCP and an adult to locate the representative.

  • At no point will the DCP be left alone with an unaccompanied minor following notification.

  • When an athlete is ready to provide a sample, the DCO watching the athlete provide their sample must always have an observer watching them and their conduct. This observer can be accompanied by the athlete’s representative. Only the DCO or Chaperone is to directly observe the athlete providing their sample. Neither the Second Observer nor the athlete’s representative should directly observe the passing of the urine, unless requested by the athlete. 

What that means for you

Any athlete can be tested, any time, any place.

As a minor we need to ensure that you are always safeguarded throughout the testing process. To do this there are some modifications put in place, as mentioned above. It is important you familiarise yourself with these. The main difference is that regardless of whether you are tested in or out-of-competition, another adult will always be present with you and the DCO/Chaperone when you are tested. 

At any time, you can ask the Doping Control Officer to explain the testing process to you, and you can also ensure that any comments you want to make are included on the Doping Control Form.

What you should do

  • Always take the test when notified and remember UKAD or the organisation testing you will also have to make sure there is an additional adult to observe parts of the process to protect you

  • Keep your Doping Control Forms safe and secure at home

  • Download the 100% me Clean Sport App (Apple, Android) and use its medications function to record all the medications you have taken – this will help you complete the Declarations box on the Doping Control Form.

Where to go for further advice

Read the information on the Testing Process to familiarise yourself with the process and your rights and responsibilities.