Compete Clean
Protect Sport

We want all athletes to be clean, stay clean and believe all others are clean. 100% me is here to help you throughout your sporting journey. 100% me is our values-based education and information programme just for athletes - designed to help you meet your anti-doping responsibilities. Remember anti-doping is not something that can be ignored or delegated, and not knowing is not an excuse!

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Why clean sport matters

Clean Sport starts with you – help us protect the right for all athletes to participate in clean sport.

Know what you use & be aware of the risks

You are solely responsible for any banned substance found in your system, regardless of how it got there.

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Anti-Doping Rules & Violations

Anti-Doping Rules are in place to protect clean sport - make sure you know how to protect yourself against inadvertent doping risks.


The Whereabouts system is essential to protecting sport. You must be where you say you are.

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Testing to support
fair play

Testing is an essential component in anti-doping helping to inspire confidence in clean sport. Find out the key facts about who can be tested, the types of test, and what to expect if you are tested.