Protecting the Right to Enjoy Doping-Free Sport

Stages of Athlete Development

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From beginner to elite: we want to help you and your child stay clean as they develop as an athlete

There is so much that you should know in anti-doping, where do you start?

See if you can identify the stage of where your child is at, as this will give you a clue as to what you should know as your child progresses through sport.

LEVEL 1: Beginner

Your child has started to engage in sport at school or has just started going to a sports club. Click here to learn more in the Beginner section of the Athlete Zone.

LEVEL 2: Gifted and Talented

Your child is showing some talent and may be part of the gifted and talented programme within their school or identified within their sport as an athlete who should be on a talent programme. Click here to learn more.

LEVEL 3: Performance Development

Your child has now been identified by their National Governing Body (NGB) and is now formally exposed to a training programme and may be competing at county or regional level. Visit the Performance Development area of the Athlete Zone for further information.

LEVEL 4: Performance

Your child is recognised by the sport as a talented athlete and is part of a formal training programme or is part of a professional sporting environment. It is likely they are now competing at national level. Click here to learn more in the Performance level on the Athlete Zone.

LEVEL 5: High Performance

The athlete is exposed to a formal training programme, has additional support from their NGB and is competing in major international events. Click here to learn more about anti-doping at the High Performance level.

LEVEL 6: Elite

The athlete is competing internationally and has won a medal or is reaching their peak. Click here to learn more in the Elite area of the Athlete Zone.