Protecting the Right to Enjoy Doping-Free Sport

High Performance Athletes

high performance archery

As a top young athlete you are entering an extremely tough stage of your sporting career, as additional commitments and pressures require you to make some difficult decisions. However, it’s also a very exciting time: your hard work, commitment and dedication are being rewarded.

UK Anti-Doping’s 100% me programme is designed to help you make the right decisions and support you as you move towards the elite level of sport. We aim to provide you with anti-doping advice and guidance to ensure that you compete clean.

This section of the website outlines key areas of anti-doping such as:

  • the importance of strict liability and how to have clean sporting success
  • the role key sport agencies play in clean sport 
  • major Games and competing abroad
  • out-of-competition testing and an introduction to whereabouts.