UKAD renews Clean Games Policy with support from Major Games partners

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has today announced its new 2021-2024 Clean Games Policy. The Clean Games Policy defines the mandatory anti-doping education required by all athletes and support personnel taking part in Major Games (youth and senior), including Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games.

Signatories to the policy include the British Olympic Association (BOA), British Paralympic Association (BPA), Commonwealth Games England (CGE), Commonwealth Games Scotland (CGS), Commonwealth Games Wales (CGW) and Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland (CGNI), all of which are responsible for managing teams of UK athletes and support staff at Major Games.

Speaking on the announcement, UKAD Head of Education Paul Moss said: “Our mission with the Clean Games Policy remains the same, to protect the reputation of sport within the UK through a dedicated and unified approach with sport. By working with the sports organisations, we aim to utilise anti-doping education to prevent doping amongst UK athletes and support personnel at a Major Games.”

The new Clean Games Policy requirements will be met through the implementation of the Major Games education programmes delivered between 2021 and 2024, starting later this year with the integration into the pre-Beijing 2022 courses ahead of the 24th Winter Olympic Games in February.

As highlighted with the Clean Sport Policy, going forward the Major Games education programmes will include:

  • Two-stage education for longlisted athletes (eLearning and scenario-based education workshops)

  • Clean Games workshops with further games specific education for shortlisted athletes

  • Coaches and other support personnel are still required to take the relevant mandatory eLearning courses, with optional scenario-based education opportunities also offered 

  • Parents or guardians of under 18 athletes will receive UKAD’s Clean Sport Essentials information guide for parents and carers

  • Parents or guardians will also be advised to complete the relevant eLearning course, through the Clean Sport Hub and will be given access to optional parent-specific scenario-based education workshops

  • All identified accredited personal must also complete the relevant Clean Sport Education requirements

Read the full Clean Games Policy below for more information. Register for the Clean Sport Hub to take UKAD's eLearning courses.