UKAD moves eLearning platforms to new and improved Clean Sport Hub – Q&A

UKAD’s Clean Sport Advisor Course and Coach Clean Course have moved to a newly created Clean Sport Hub.

Since 2012, these courses have been the primary eLearning resources for anti-doping education in the UK, and it’s important for us to continually improve and update our offering, maintaining the highest of standards for our learners. With an improved look and feel, the Clean Sport Hub has improved visuals, more accessible designs and will facilitate a better learning experience, through a ‘bite-sized chunks’ learning style.

Check out this Q&A below for any questions you may have, and if you have any further issues or questions after reading this, send us an email at

What is the Clean Sport Hub?

The Clean Sport Hub is the new Learning Management System (LMS) that hosts UKAD’s eLearning and education resources, replacing the UKAD Learning Zone.

You can access it here.

The development of the Clean Sport Hub allows the UKAD education team to provide a world-class education system, where resources and information can be tailored to different target audiences and education pools. The Clean Sport Hub will also provide a support network for UKAD’s Education Delivery Network, acting as a touch point for communication and information for National Governing Bodies (NGBs).

I had an account on the old UKAD Learning Zone and passed a course – what do I need to do?

As you had passed an eLearning course on the UKAD Learning Zone we have migrated your account to the Clean Sport Hub, keeping completion records of your eLearning. To activate your account please follow these instructions:

  • Click this link

  • Choose the ‘I have forgotten my password’ option

  • Enter your email address associated with your UKAD Learning Zone account (if you have issues or cannot remember your correct email then please contact for assistance)

  • You will be sent an email (from with a link – click the link

  • You will be redirected to the Clean Sport Hub where you can create your password

  • Create your password

  • Log into your account with your details

  • Complete the registration process and submit

  • Account will be activated – proceed to My Learning to view courses available and your learning records

I had an account on the UKAD Learning Zone but didn’t pass a course – what do I need to do?

As you had not passed an eLearning course, your account has not been migrated to the new Clean Sport Hub. You will be able to click here and register onto the new system.

I am new to anti-doping and want to learn more – what do I need to do?

Fantastic that you wish to learn more about clean sport! Our new registration process has been created to ensure that we are providing you with the most appropriate education and learning materials. You can register here, create an account and access anti-doping education – it’s that simple!

I am a coach needing to complete my Coach Clean Code module – what do I need to do?

If you completed your Coach Clean course from the 1 July 2019, you will be able to complete the short Code module to maintain your Coach Clean certification. Once you follow the instructions to activate your account (see above), the Code Module will show in your My Learning.

Due to the unforeseen downtime of our platform, we have extended the deadline to complete this module to the 30 April 2021.

If you completed the course between 1 April 2019 – 30 June 2019, you will need to complete the updated Coach Clean course.

I am an athlete and want to complete eLearning

Excellent that you wish to learn more about clean sport. We are currently developing tailored athlete eLearning that will be hosted on the Clean Sport Hub. If you register onto the platform you will have access to relevant resources, materials and updates.

Prior to the launch of the Compete Clean+ eLearning course, you can access eLearning and resources on the World Anti-Doping Agency ADEL platform - Anti-Doping Education and Learning (

What eLearning courses will be available on the Clean Sport Hub?

The Clean Sport Hub provides eLearning that caters to the needs of its target audiences and interested stakeholders. All users are assigned to the courses as per their role, e.g. athlete, coach, medical professional, parents – so you get eLearning that is tailored to your role and experience.

Coach Clean in its newly updated format has been transferred along with the Clean Sport Advisor Course to the new platform. The ‘Introduction to Clean Sport’ course will be available for learners.

We are currently developing a new course called the 'Introduction to Clean Sport' course, which has been designed to suit a larger audience than the Clean Sport Advisor. There will be tailored resources and elements for specific roles within sports, with the intention of improving the learning experience and understanding of roles and responsibilities within clean sport.

The course will be split into a number of core modules that you can access at your own pace, with a few additional modules that you can take if relevant to your role, or if you would like to enhance your knowledge.

2022 will see the launch of our new athlete eLearning course called Compete Clean+.

All of this content is in line with the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code and relevant International Standards.

I have already done the Clean Sport Advisor course on the Learning Zone platform. What does this mean for me?

If you have completed a course associated with a certificate, the learning records (score and completion date) will be migrated and available on your new dashboard. 

The old Clean Sport Advisor course (updated recently in line with the 2021 Code) certification period is until the 31 March 2022. This is to prevent any risks of athlete support personnel needing to update their eLearning as part of the Clean Games Policy, and the certification for personnel travelling and/or working at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 will still be valid.

If you have completed this course prior to the transition to the Clean Sport Hub, your learning will be migrated and from 1 April 2022, you will be enrolled onto the ‘Introduction to Clean Sport’ course. 

Any previous iterations of the Clean Sport Advisor course (previously named Accredited Advisor Assessment) will be stored on your new profile as a record of your learning and commitment to clean sport, but these are outdated and will not be formally recognised. 

Additionally, you can complete the ‘Introduction to Clean Sport’ course on the new Clean Sport Hub when live, it will only enhance your knowledge. However, this is not a must. You will be able to take the Introduction to Clean Sport course once your certification for Clean Sport Advisor has expired in 2022.

I have completed the Clean Sport Advisor course, but my certificate shows an expiry of 31 December 2020. What does this mean for me?

The version of the Clean Sport Advisor course you have completed included content aligned to the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code, and with the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code coming into effect on the 1 January 2021, it is now out of date. As you had enrolled onto the course prior to the 1 January 2021, you were still able to access and complete the outdated version of the course.

If you need to complete the course for an employer, part of a training course or education, you will need to complete the updated course to have a current certificate. You will need to follow the steps above to activate your account, and then you will have access to the Clean Sport Advisor course.

Is the Clean Sport Hub mobile friendly?

Yes. The Clean Sport Hub provides a good learning experience for all users. The Clean Sport Hub and associated eLearning content are mobile-friendly. They will also be accessible via our 100% me Clean Sport app.

We recommend you access in landscape mode for the best user experience.

Is the Clean Sport Hub accessible?

The Clean Sport Hub meets accessibility standards Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA.

The videos in the Clean Sport Hub courses feature audio. We haven’t included transcripts for audio content or voiceovers to aid people with hearing and visual impairments, however we are working on adding these features.

By the end of 2021, all our eLearning courses on the Clean Sport Hub will be accessible. We are currently in a stage of review and transition to ensure that all versions meet accessibility standards.

As an organisation, we request that our new employees or members complete the Clean Sport Advisor course, should we do the same for the ‘Introduction to Clean Sport’ when it goes live?

Yes, we would highly recommend that you amend any job descriptions or policies where completing the Clean Sport Advisor Course is a mandatory requirement to completing the Introduction to Clean Sport.

Please ensure you update your link to the Clean Sport Advisor course to this:

You can also refer people to the and this Q&A if they have any questions.