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UK Anti-Doping selected as the Sample Collection Agency for anti-doping services for Glasgow 2018

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has been selected as the Sample Collection Agency for anti-doping services at this year’s multi-sport European Championships in Glasgow.

The inaugural event, taking place from 2 – 12 August, will see athletes across six different sports – aquatics, cycling, golf, gymnastics, rowing and triathlon - all competing in Scotland, while the athletics competition will take place in Berlin.

It is the first time individual European Championships have come together to create a multi-sport showpiece and following a tender process, UKAD was selected as the Sample Collection Agency for the event.

UKAD’s Director of Operations, Pat Myhill, said: “This is a unique sporting occasion with huge crowds expected, and UKAD is delighted to have been selected as the Sample Collection Agency.

“It is vital for such a major competition, which will attract the eyes of Europe’s media and beyond, to ensure all testing processes are of the highest standard.”

The role of Sample Collection Agency will see UKAD carry out all activities that directly involve the athlete, including notification of a test, sample collection and sample transportation, as well as processing the doping control forms.

In addition, UKAD’s Doping Control Personnel (DCP) will be supporting the Doping Control Station Managers, Chaperone Team Leaders and Doping Control Officers (DCOs).

As part of the role, UKAD will also be undertaking training of volunteer athlete chaperones at the event, to ensure they are compliant with the International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI).