Protecting the Right to Enjoy Doping-Free Sport

About the Education Delivery Network

UK School Games

An education session delivered at the UK School Games, 2011

Athletes need support, guidance and education to support them in their role and responsibilities towards clean sport. It is important that UK Anti-Doping works with aspiring  athletes from an early age to support them in developing intrinsic values about clean sport. 

We want all our athletes to associate themselves with 100% me, the quality mark for all clean athletes. The 100% me programme seeks to reinforce the core values of clean, fair competition, whilst underlining their achievements as being a clean athlete.

UK Anti-Doping understands that we have a duty to all our athletes to support them in being clean. Our Education Delivery Network helps us achieve this. Trained anti-doping Advisors, Educators and National Trainers help us to delivery anti-doping education sessions. Our current programme has trained over 400 anti-doping professionals.

UK Anti-Doping has built a stronger and more diverse Education Delivery Network.

The Education Delivery Network consists of the following roles:

  • Advisors: these are trained personnel who can advise athletes on anti-doping good practice and direct them effectively to further information
  • Educators: these are trained personnel, normally within a specific sport or sporting agency, who can educate through fun, interactive and thought-provoking sessions
  • National Trainers: these are UK Anti-Doping personnel who will support and educate not only athletes and athlete support personnel but the rest of the Education Delivery Network as well.

Everyone involved in the Anti-Doping Education Delivery Network is passionate about ensuring that athletes are fully prepared for life in the competitive sporting environment. Our aim is to promote positive attitudes and values for clean sportsmen and women.

How to get involved

If you are interested in anti-doping and think you can help athletes or athlete support personnel then please read below for details:

Becoming an Advisor

If you would like to become an Advisor, you will need to undertake a basic course in anti-doping. You can complete the course via our Learning Zone or by attending a one-day workshop. Following the course, you will need to show what you have learned via a short multi-choice assessment.

As an Advisor, we expect that you are able to provide factual advice to athletes and those around them on core anti-doping topics and that you are fully aware of the anti-doping tools available to athletes which you should signpost them to.

For more information on becoming an Advisor, please contact Becky Dymond, Education Officer at the following address:

Becoming an Educator

Firstly you need to contact your National Governing Body to register your interest. They may have some additional advice and guidance on the role of an educator within their sport and their expectations. Details of the training requirements may vary but you will be expected to undertake a two-day training programme for educator accreditation.

Becoming a National Trainer

As a UK Anti-Doping National Trainer, you will work closely with us to support our education objectives and those developed with our partners. UK Anti-Doping recruits directly to fill this role and any vacancies will be advertised on our vacancy page.