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Education Programmes for Schools

We work with education partners to develop education programmes for schools that take a young person on a clean sport education journey from the age of 7-16 years old. Whether you’re at primary or secondary school, school sport has a vital part to play in the pathway for an athlete. 

Our schools education programmes focus on the spirit of sport, and how young people can apply the values of sport in play, games, sport and competition - plus how they can develop healthy habits for life.

We also work with Awarding Bodies to ensure that students studying sport-related courses have access to current and up-to-date clean sport and anti-doping information.

The facts - what you need to know

We have three education programmes for schools to download and use - these are part of the Get Set programme.

Spirit of Sport – Our values-based education programme for 7-10-year olds in partnership with Team GB and BPA. This education programme uses playground games and play to introduce the definitions and provide an understanding of the Olympic and Paralympic values: Determination & Courage, Equality, Fair Play, Friendship, Inspiration and Respect. The resources are made up of six sessions and four parent extension activities that are free to download and use.

Spirit of Sport in Competition – This values-based education programme for 11-14-year olds is in partnership with Team GB and BPA. The programme reinforces the Olympic and Paralympic Values within a competitive sport environment. The six free to download sessions and four extension activities provide challenging activities that further develop young people's understanding and application of the values within sport.

Think Real - Created in partnership with Sport England, the British Olympic Foundation, the British Paralympic Association and further information and support from the English Institute of Sport. Think Real aims to help all young people make the links between their nutrition, recovery and physical activity to consider their all-round health. The resources encourage young people to take ownership of their learning and lifestyles – now and for the future. These free to download resources are for 11-16 year olds, using digital videos and classroom discussions and activities to support young people with advice and guidance on how to make healthy informed decisions.

What that means for you

All three of the education resources above are completely free for schools to download and use.

Each resource has been developed to provide interactive activities for young people and teachers to gain confidence on the topic of the spirit of sport and understand how these values have a wider impact on young people’s sporting journeys from the start.

All three programmes can be used within PE lessons and/or PSHE lessons and provide extension activities to either be taken home or completed with older age groups.

What you should do

  • Go to the Get Set website for the Spirit of Sport, Spirit of Sport in Competition and Think Real.

  • Create a log-in for the website and download the resources.

Where to go for further advice

For more information on the programmes head to the Get Set website to read more about each programme.