Why Clean Sport?

Everyone has a duty to protect clean sport.

We want to know when we watch sport that it’s the real deal - that there is integrity in sport.

Cheating in any form undermines the spirit of sport and the efforts of clean athletes.

The facts - what you need to know about clean sport

  • UK Anti-Doping is the UK’s National Anti-Doping Organisation responsible for protecting clean sport in the UK
  • Clean sport is protected globally by commitments from both governments and the sports movement
  • Anti-doping is governed by a worldwide agreed set of rules
  • Anti-doping is bigger than an athlete failing a test; if you are involved in sport, the chances are you will be bound by the Anti-Doping Rules.

What that means for you

If you are involved in sport, either as an athlete, athlete support personnel or sports administrator then you will have anti-doping responsibilities that you need to be aware of.

Failing to abide by the values of clean sport or the Anti-Doping Rules (if they apply to you) could mean severe consequences for your sporting future or career in sport.

What you should do

  1. Remember why you started participating in sport and what sport means to you
  2. Live the values of clean sport at all times
  3. Make sure you are fully aware of the Anti-Doping Rules and who they apply to
  4. Keep yourself up to date with the latest news and alerts from UKAD so you are not at risk

Where to go for further advice

  • Download the 100% me Clean Sport App
  • Check out the Clean Sport Advisor programme in our Learning Zone
  • Find out more about how UKAD can help through education, training and events