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Conflict of Interest Form
It is essential that UKAD maintains the highest standard of integrity and reputation and fulfils the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Code. One aspect of this is that employees, Board and Committee members, DCP, National Trainers and other associates must declare any outside interests that they, or members of their immediate family and household, may have that could conflict with, have the potential to conflict with, or could be perceived to conflict with the interests of UKAD. As part of our recruitment process, this declaration is extended to all candidates when applying for a role at UKAD.

Examples of conflicts that should be declared:

  • Involvement in the participation or administration of a sport
  • If you are related to, or involved in, the personal affairs of an athlete
  • Involvement in the daily activities of a sport e.g. administration, coaching, training, officiating, competing, providing medical or other support activities
  • Engagement in business with, having a financial interest in or a personal stake in a sport
  • Involvement in activities which could draw, or are likely to draw, personal and/or professional gain
  • Involvement in activities which could appear to have private or personal interests within a sport and/or with athlete(s)

Please upload your completed form as part of your online application.

Conflicts of Interest Form