UKAD response to WADA report

Following the publication of the report, a UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) spokesperson said: “We welcome the findings of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) report today into alleged events in 2011. The report makes no recommendations for UKAD to follow, and notes that all samples related to their investigation were negative. The report also notes that the employees involved in the 2011 events are no longer employed by UKAD, and praises UKAD’s “diligent cooperation and transparency” with WADA’s investigation team.

“The report highlights WADA’s audit of all UKAD’s activities, completed earlier this year. In this 2021 audit UKAD is commended as ‘extremely competent’, ‘well-managed’, ‘well-organised’ and ‘high-functioning’.

“WADA’s report focuses on matters from 2011 and on the involvement of one individual, who is no longer employed by UKAD. We acknowledge that these matters would not take place today.

“The report from WADA makes clear that the results of the testing carried out by British Cycling were all negative, and notes the negative results from UKAD’s own extensive testing of British Cycling athletes at that time.

“We agree that anti-doping organisations should be held to the highest standards and we will fully consider the contents report, however WADA has not made any recommendations for action by UKAD."