What To Expect During Testing - New Sample Collection Kits

Athletes competing and training in the UK and internationally are reminded that testing can still happen anytime, anywhere. This could be at UKAD's request, by an International Federation (IF), or the local National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) for international athletes.

Most will be familiar with the Berlinger kits used by UKAD. However, the sample collection kits may look a little different when the tests are done by other Anti-Doping Organisations (ADOs).

For further information on how to use the sample collection kits, UKAD encourages athletes to speak to the DCO at the time of the test.

Or get familiar with some of the alternative sample collection kits below by looking through the resources below.

  • Berlinger: Visit the website and find out more about the most commonly used sample collection kit
  • Innovero: Watch the product video for useful information on the urine and blood kit
  • LockCon: Visit the website for a video and short handling guidelines for their urine sample collection product
  • Versapak: Visit the website for more information on the blood and urine kit and watch the video