Fair play in sport still counts: nearly 70% of Brits would report doping related suspicions to UKAD, a new survey reveals

Fair play has always been an intrinsic part of British values and according to a new survey conducted on behalf of UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), 69% of Brits say they care enough to report their doping-related suspicions of an athlete, or their Athlete Support Personnel, (coaches, doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and parents), to UKAD. 

The survey results come at the start of UKAD’s Clean Sport Week – an annual awareness week that champions clean sport, clean sport education and anti-doping initiatives across sports in the UK. This year’s theme, ‘Teamwork in Clean Sport’ is aimed at athletes and Athlete Support Personnel (ASP) and will explore the collective responsibility that these roles have to work together on clean sport, to play and win fairly.

Sports fans were also asked whose responsibility is it for an athlete to stay clean and again, they view clean sport as a collective responsibility. 56% think that sports organisations, national governing bodies of sport and UKAD have a shared duty while 52% consider it to be the athlete’s responsibility. A further 39% believed it was the coach’s duty to support the athlete not to take performance enhancing drugs.

During this year’s Clean Sport Week, UKAD will host a number of events throughout the week including a webinar at Loughborough University broadcast live on UKAD’s social media channels. An expert panel will explore clean sport topics and discuss how their different roles can create the right environment so that athletes make good decisions about playing and winning fairly. 

Other highlights during the week include an athlete digital day (23 May), Coaches’ Day (24 May) and an Athlete Support Personnel day on 25 May – all participants will be discussing how they create positive environments that enable athletes or their teammates to play fair according to the clean sport ethos. 

UKAD’s Chief Executive Jane Rumble, said: 

“Clean Sport Week is the chance to celebrate playing true. This year the focus is on teamwork and the responsibility that we all have to keep sport clean. 

“It takes a team of medics, coaches, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and parents to support an athlete to help them succeed and be their very best. So many people working in sport today care passionately and work together to ensure a positive environment dedicated to fair play.

“The role of Athlete Support Personnel is critical in supporting athletes to make the right decisions and this includes anti-doping responsibilities. At UKAD we aim to foster and support a sporting landscape where we are all working together as a team to create a sporting world where athletes are proud to play and win fairly.”

Sports Minister Stuart Andrew MP said: 

“If sport is to be successful, fans must know the competitors are clean, with honest and dedicated athletes competing on a level playing field.

"The UK is a world leader in anti-doping, and I would encourage all sports to come together to celebrate these values as part of UK Anti-Doping’s Clean Sport Week.”

Dame Katherine Grainger DBE, Chair of UK Sport, said:

“UK Sport is proud to support UK Anti-Doping’s Clean Sport Week. Keeping sport clean is a real team effort and it’s about behaving and acting with integrity as well as playing by the rules.”

“Clean sport is not just the responsibility of the athlete but the amazing teams around them, and it takes us all in our different roles to make sure that we create the right environment so that the athlete makes good decisions and feels confident about winning well.” 

“There are plenty of activities going on during Clean Sport Week and I hope that you’ll get involved.”

The survey referenced in the press release was conducted by Censuswide, among a sample of 3001 respondents in the UK. Fieldwork was carried out between 25/04/23 – 02/05/23. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on ESOMAR principles. 

To find out more about this year’s Clean Sport Week campaign and the events taking place, which include a webinar (May 22) featuring a range of sports stars and experts, click here

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