UKAD issues advice to athletes regarding WADA investigation into Berlinger security bottles

In response to the recent announcement from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regarding an investigation into a potential integrity issue with the new generation BEREG-KIT Geneva security bottles, supplied by Berlinger, UKAD has issued a statement and practical advice for athletes.

UKAD is monitoring the WADA investigation closely and will offer further recommendations as appropriate.

Doping Control Personnel in the UK have never used the new BEREG-KIT Geneva bottles and are continuing to use the old model of Berlinger security bottles to collect samples in the UK, however British athletes subject to testing abroad may encounter the new generation BEREG-KIT Geneva security bottles.

The new BEREG-KIT Geneva security bottles are distinguishable from the old model as they have a light green band around the ratchet system within the lid. The previous version did not have this, with the ratchet system being visible through the lid. The cardboard box within which the kit is stored should also state 'BEREG-KIT Geneva' on it. If athletes are still unsure as to the model of security bottle, they should ask the Doping Control Officer to confirm.

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Should athletes have any concerns, UKAD advises the following steps:

  1. Do not refuse to take the test
  2. Document any concerns on the Doping Control form
  3. Take time to ensure the bottle is correctly closed by turning the cap gently until you can move it no further.
  4. Once sealed complete the following three steps – video guidance is also on the Berlinger website.
  • Try to turn the cap anti-clockwise
  • Try to lift the cap off vertically
  • Turn the bottle upside down
  1. Report any concerns to the Anti-Doping Organisation that authorized the test
  2. Please direct any further enquiries to

UK Anti-Doping’s Director of Operations, Pat Myhill, said: “For tests conducted in the UK, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) currently uses a type of sample bottle, supplied by Berlinger, which is not subject to the recent World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) investigation, and we therefore remain confident in the integrity of current samples.

“Berlinger is an industry leader in Anti-Doping supplies and UKAD constantly reviews our supplier agreements in line with our commitment to the highest standards of Anti-Doping operations.”