Advice to athletes on sharing doping control experiences on social media

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) would like to offer the following advice and guidance to athletes around sharing experiences of the doping control process on social media.

While it’s great to show your support for clean sport and share your experiences of the doping control process with your followers, please only do so at the end of a test. It’s important you remain aware of all aspects of an anti-doping test and that you double-check all information to ensure it’s correct and that you’re happy with the process.

If you’d then like to share pictures of your Doping Control Form on social media, please follow these steps. It’s important to keep both your personal information safe and the testing process anonymous.

  1. Please don’t take a picture of the Doping Control Officer
  2. Protect your personal information and don’t show your ID card. It’s best to cover any of your personal details on your Doping Control Form before taking your Instagram snap, including: Name, Date of Birth, Address, Contact Information, etc
  3. Please keep the anti-doping process anonymous and confidential, and protect the integrity of the process. Cover the Mission Number, Form Number, and any information below ‘Box 22’, including: Sample Number, Bottle Number, DCO information etc
  4. Snap your picture, apply jazzy filter as necessary
  5. Now you can support clean sport and share your (likely) early morning wake-up call and pictures. But don’t forget to use @ukantidoping and #cleansport!