2018 Winter Olympians & Paralympians unite behind #MyMoment campaign

In the lead-up to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Olympians and Paralympians from around the world are uniting behind #MyMoment to highlight the irreplaceable moments clean athletes have lost to doping and to defend the moments they could earn if they have access to a level playing field.

Athletes from the United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the United States are supporting this global social media campaign through videos that capture why clean sport matters to them. While explaining how doping impacts individual moments, the athletes’ testimonials also illustrate how clean sport matters to families, fans, and the future of sport as a whole.

The diverse group of athletes supporting the campaign include:

·         Lizzy Yarnold, United Kingdom, Skeleton

·         Anna Gasser, Austria, Snowboard Slopestyle

·         Markus Salcher, Austria, Para Alpine Skiing

·         Rosanna Crawford , Canada, Biathlon

·         Alex Harvey, Canada, Cross-country Skiing

·         Anna Schaffelhuber, Germany, Para Alpine Skiing

·         Erik Lesser, Germany, Biathlon

·         Tomoka Takeuchi, Japan, Snowboard

·         Hiraku Misawa, Japan, Para Alpine Skiing

·         Won Yun-jong, S. Korea, Bobsled

·         Seo Soon-Seok, S. Korea, Wheelchair Curling

·         Stephanie Jallen, U.S., Para Alpine Skiing

·         Lowell Bailey, U.S., Biathlon

UKAD Chief Executive Nicole Sapstead commented: “The #MyMoment campaign is about empowering Olympians, Paralympians and all athletes to make their voices heard so that their demands for a level playing field cannot be denied. Through the campaign, athletes’ voices will be heard around the world and at every level of sport.”

Videos of these athletes and related content about irreplaceable moments in sport will be distributed by national anti-doping agencies worldwide across major social media platforms using #MyMoment to encourage all clean athletes and their supporters to demand a level playing field in Pyeongchang and beyond.

The campaign launches today (Monday October 30, 2017), with the first of two global videos, and it will conclude on January 31, 2018, prior to the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang. Learn more about the campaign at: www.my-moment.org.