National TUE Pool

Athletes defined by UKAD as being within the National TUE Pool of their sport are required to apply for and obtain a TUE before using a prohibited medication or method.

International level athletes, as defined by their International Federation, are required to apply directly to their International Federation for any TUE required.

Exceptions to obtaining a TUE in advance of starting treatment

TUE requests for athletes in the National TUE Pool should be submitted to UKAD for review before starting treatment. Only in the following circumstances should treatment begin without TUE approval:

  1. Emergency or urgent situations (e.g. allergic reaction, exacerbation of asthma, onset of bell’s palsy, surgery, admission to A&E)
  2. In instances whereby an athlete has started treatment prior to reaching a competition level that warrants inclusion in the National TUE Pool
  3. Athletes who require the use of a glucocorticoid by local injection. In this instance, athletes are only required to apply for a retroactive TUE if they are subject to doping control in-competition and they subsequently return an Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF) for the presence of that glucocorticoid. Please refer to our Glucocorticoid TUE Policy for more information.

In circumstances 1 and 2, a TUE application should be submitted to UKAD as soon as possible.

Retroactive TUE Procedure 

Athletes who are not defined to be within the National TUE Pool for their sport do not need to be in possession of a valid TUE prior to commencing treatment with a prohibited substance or method. However, such athletes should check with their prescribing doctor prior to starting treatment that:

  • the need to use the prohibited substance or method is necessary to treat the diagnosed medical condition
  • the diagnosis is supported by relevant clinical evidence such as investigations, clinical examinations, and/or test results
  • no permitted alternatives exist (the status of other possible treatment options can be assessed using Global DRO).

Athletes have five working days to make a retroactive TUE application to UKAD following the receipt of an AAF.

Athletes can check below to find out if they are included within the National TUE Pool for their sport.