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Coach Clean eLearning

Coach Clean is an easy-to-follow eLearning journey hosted on UKAD's Clean Sport Hub. The course is for coaches who want to know more about clean sport and understand their own responsibilities with regards to anti-doping. Developed in collaboration with UK Coaching, this programme has been fully endorsed against CIMSPA professional standards and ensures that the most up-to-date information is available in one course relating to the coaches role.

Who is Coach Clean for?

Coach Clean is suitable for any level of coach in the UK, whether they lead or assist, aimed at all those who wish to increase or refresh their anti-doping knowledge.

However, if you’re an experienced coach, you can also gain a better understanding of your own role in anti-doping and ensure your anti-doping knowledge is current.

About Coach Clean

The Coach Clean eLearning course on UKAD's Clean Sport Hub will enable you to:

  • find out more about the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code and the impact it has on you

  • download top tips to help you support your athletes to adopt a clean sport lifestyle

  • download a useful guide on the testing procedure for urine and blood, which you can give to your athletes

  • print out a certificate confirming you have completed the course and assessment

The course has a two year certification period. After the initial two years you will be asked to complete a Renewal course to extend your certification for a further two years. This cycle will continue to ensure you have the most current anti-doping information and that your learning is varied.

What will you learn?

The videos, challenging scenarios, real-life examples and assessment on the Coach Clean course will help you to:

  • support clean sport

  • improve your understanding of anti-doping and what this means for coaches and athletes

  • better prepare athletes for testing

  • explain the wide-reaching consequences of an anti-doping rule violation

  • promote clean sport in your own coaching environment

To sign up for the online course, please register onto the Clean Sport Hub or contact cleansporthub@ukad.org.uk for more information.

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