Football doctor banned for four years

Dr Andrew Johnson has been suspended from all sport for four years following an Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV). 

Dr Johnson, formerly of Bury FC, admitted to Tampering with the Doping Control Process by providing fraudulent information to UKAD and/or The Football Association (The FA), in relation to an application for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for a football player.

Dr Johnson was charged in accordance with FA Rule E25 for a breach of Regulation 7(a) of The FA’s Anti-Doping Regulations - ‘Tampering or Attempted Tampering with any part of Doping Control’. The FA’s independent Regulatory Commission heard the case and suspended Dr Johnson for four years. 

Nicole Sapstead, UKAD Chief Executive said: “Tampering with any part of the Doping Control Process is a serious offence; an offence that carries a four-year ban from all sport.

“This case is also a reminder that anti-doping rules, and the consequences of breaking them, don’t just apply to athletes. Those involved in supporting athletes, including medical practitioners, are bound by the World Anti-Doping Code and can also be banned from sport for committing an ADRV. 

“The TUE system is stringent and requires a detailed application process which must be followed. We work closely with governing bodies of sport to educate athletes and their support teams about this very important process.”

For more information on the TUE application process, see the UKAD information pages here.

The suspension is effective immediately and will run until the end of 13 January 2024.

To read the independent FA Regulatory Commission’s decision, see below.