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Welsh Rugby Union Player Lee Evans Banned Following Anti-Doping Rule Violation

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has confirmed that Welsh Rugby Union player Lee Evans has been suspended from all sport for two years following an anti-doping rule violation.

Mr Evans, 32 tested positive for drostanolone, an anabolic steroid following an out-of-competition test on 28 July 2014. The athlete is banned from all competition from 28 July 2014 to 27 July 2016. The full written decision can be found under current violations here.

UKAD Director of Legal Graham Arthur said: “Mr Evans maintained that the banned substance had entered his body because of the supplements he was taking. While the panel agreed that there was some evidence to support Mr Evans’s claim, it concluded that he hadn’t undertaken any serious research into the supplements which contained prohibited substances. This failure has resulted in a two year ban.

“Supplements are a known risk and there is no guarantee that they are ever free from banned substances. If an athlete chooses to take a supplement, they should always undertake thorough research before use.”