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Weightlifter Banned Following Second Anti-Doping Rule Violation

Vasyl Kruk was tested under UKAD's reinstatement programme

Vasyl Kruk was tested under UKAD's reinstatement programme
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UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has confirmed that weightlifter Vasyl Kruk has been suspended from all sport for eight years following an anti-doping rule violation.

Mr Kruk tested positive for three prohibited substances, namely metabolites of anabolic steroids drostanolone, nandrolone and metandienone, following an out-of-competition test on 24 February 2014. This is the athlete’s second anti-doping rule violation after serving a two-year ban from 26 May 2012 to 25 May 2014.

The athlete is banned from all competition from 25 May 2014 to 25 May 2022. The full written decision can be found under current sanctions.

UKAD Director of Legal Graham Arthur said: “Mr Kruk was tested under the reinstatement programme as he looked to return to the sport of weightlifting having served a two-year suspension. His sample was found to contain three anabolic steroids and Mr Kruk admitted to using these substances specifically to enhance his performance on his return to sport.

“An eight-year ban illustrates the seriousness with which these offences are taken and with the sanction dated to start on the day the previous ended, Mr Kruk will in effect be cumulatively banned for ten years.”