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WADA and ADAMS Website Remain Secure Despite Alleged Hack

On Wednesday, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) became aware of a YouTube video alleging that its website had been hacked. WADA immediately launched an investigation and was quickly able to determine that the website had not been compromised. WADA continues to monitor activity closely.

Earlier in the week, WADA was also made aware that some ADAMS users had received illegitimate e-mails which were made to look like they came from WADA. The email asked users to click on a link and enter their personal credentials.

WADA would never send such emails and the Agency immediately sent an e-mail to all ADAMS users alerting them to these e-mails and included a warning banner on the ADAMS home page. A warning email was also sent from UKAD and a message placed on the UKAD website.

All ADAMS users are urged to contact ADAMS support immediately if they receive an e-mail of this nature and ensure that they do not click the link included in the email.

WADA spokesman Ben Nichols said “The situation with ADAMS was quickly investigated and we can confirm that ADAMS has not been compromised. We continue to monitor the situation to ascertain whether or not users have acted (or act) on these e-mails to ensure that data remains secure.

“Stakeholders should rest assured that WADA takes IT security and data protection very seriously. However, like many organisations, we are not immune to attempted cyber-attacks.  Accordingly, we monitor all our systems on a continuous basis and adjust as necessary in line with the best IT security practices.”

Further information on ADAMS can be found here

For technical queries relating to ADAMS please contact the ADAMS Helpdesk on +1 514 904 8800 (please note that this is a Canadian number).

For all other enquiries please email