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UKAD visits Brazil National Anti-Doping Organisation

Nicola Newman (far right) presents to representatives from ABCD

Nicola Newman (far right) presents to representatives from ABCD
(Credit: ABCD)

UKAD Director of Communications and Education Nicola Newman visited Brazil to meet with representatives from the Brazilian national anti-doping organisation (ABCD).

Founded in 2012, ABCD is for the first time creating and implementing a national anti-doping programme in advance of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

UKAD went to share experiences from the London 2012 Games, with a particular focus on doping prevention through the education of host nation athletes and support personnel in the build up to the event.

Other topics discussed during the three-day visit were UKAD’s government remit, funding model, organisational structure and ways of working, intelligence, testing,  Doping Control Personnel (DCP) training and management,  communications and Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs).

ABCD Executive Director Marco Klein said: “Sharing experiences with other countries is always positive, especially in the area of doping control.”


Nicola Newman visited Brazil for UKAD

UKAD Director of Communications and Education Nicola Newman added: “It was mutually beneficial to spend time working with ABCD to pass on our experiences and some lessons learned which I believe will be helpful to the anti-doping programme in Brazil.

“As a relatively new NADO, as UKAD was at a similar point in the pre-games cycle, they have assembled a highly professional and motivated team which will soon be actively promoting and supporting  a culture of clean sport within their funded Olympic and Paralympic development squads.

“UKAD is an active participant in the global fight against doping and recognises the importance of working with international partners to together ensure WADA’s global rules and standards are applied consistently and rigorously.

“UK athletes are highly supportive of the UK’s robust anti-doping programme, one of UKAD’s key objectives is to work to provide them with confidence in anti-doping programmes beyond the UK.”