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UKAD Supports Global List of Banned Athlete Support Personnel

114 international support staff given ‘disqualifying status’ by WADA

114 international support staff given ‘disqualifying status’ by WADA

Last month, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) published a list of 114 Athlete Support Personnel (ASP) with ‘disqualifying status’ under the new Prohibited Association (Article 2.10) rule of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code.

The Prohibited Association rule states that all athletes competing under the jurisdiction of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code are banned from working with Athlete Support Personnel who are currently sanctioned, or have been sanctioned within the past six years, for an Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV).

The list of 114 international support staff has been generated via information provided by case decisions and WADA stakeholders, including Anti-Doping Organisations (ADOs) such as UK Anti-Doping (UKAD).

Former boxing coach, Philip Tinklin, who has banned for life in 2014 following possession and trafficking of prohibited substances, is currently the only British member of support staff on the WADA list.

The list will be updated on WADA’s website on a quarterly basis, or more frequently if necessary. UKAD will also publish the information under the Current Sanctions section of its website, so sports and athletes can verify the status of support personnel that they associate with.

UKAD Chief Executive, Nicole Sapstead said:

“Athletes are wholly responsible for their choice of coach, trainer or medical consultant and therefore it is imperative that they are aware of which individuals are currently serving a ban, or have been banned in the past six years.

“Information will be shared on our website and we will also pass the information to the National Governing Bodies of sport as well as other sporting bodies to share with their staff.

“UKAD is committed to protecting clean athletes and the Prohibited Association rule will prove to be an effective tool in supporting them to compete, and win, clean.”

WADA President, Sir Craig Reedie, said:

“WADA is increasingly of the belief that athletes do not dope alone, and that often there is a member of their entourage encouraging them to cheat.

“This new Prohibited Association rule sends a clear message to athletes: do not associate with individuals that have breached anti-doping rules as they could encourage you to cheat the system and to rob your fellow athletes of their right to clean sport.

“By publishing this List, WADA is helping athletes know which individuals to evade if they are to avoid violating the rules themselves. This List will also assist ADOs as it is their responsibility to advise their athletes of the support personnel that have ‘disqualifying status’ and the consequences of such association.”

Full details on Prohibited Association can be found in the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code. For more information visit our Athlete Support Personnel page or contact the UKAD Education Team via