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UK Anti-Doping information for athletes regarding Whereabouts system

Athletes competing in sport are required to do so in line with the anti-doping rules and ethics of sport. For some athletes there are additional obligations such as the need to provide Whereabouts information, normally as part of a Registered Testing Pool (RTP).

UKAD operates two RTPs; a National Registered Testing Pool (NRTP) and a Domestic Testing Pool (DTP). Any athlete who is part of a RTP must provide specific Whereabouts information to help facilitate out-of-competition/no advanced notice testing.

Detailed Whereabouts information is submitted quarterly by an athlete. Athletes must ensure their Whereabouts information is accurate at all times, and must update their Whereabouts information if their original plans change. Failure to do so, or failure to be located for testing, could result in a Whereabouts Failure (a strike). If an athlete as part of the NRTP receives three strikes within a 12-month period, they could face a ban from sport.

All athletes who are part of a UKAD RTP are offered and provided with comprehensive training, education resources and ongoing support to help them meet their Whereabouts requirements.

Support includes:

  • Face-to-face induction and ADAMS training with athletes joining the NRTP or DTP
  • Online advice and guidance including specific education resources for NRTP and DTP athletes
  • Dedicated support to athletes and sports each quarter to help submit Whereabouts on time
  • Email and SMS support for athletes on all related Whereabouts queries
  • Refresher training soon to be launched for athletes who would like further training
  • Social media reminders

Athletes who are required to provide Whereabouts information can update, amend, or change their information at any time, and in a variety of ways:

  • Directly into the ADAMS website
  • Via the ADAMS mobile app
  • Text updates directly to ADAMS
  • Emailing UKAD as a last resort

UKAD advises athletes to make updates to their Whereabouts at the earliest opportunity, especially when athletes may be travelling, competing or training abroad, to avoid mistakes and/or oversights.

If an athlete misses a test or does not provide their Whereabouts on time, UKAD will still offer and provide support to the athlete as part of its prevention-based approach.

Should an athlete miss a test or have a filing failure, UKAD also offers the following support:

  • Contact from the Elite Athlete Support Manager with advice and guidance specific to the athlete’s needs, including the option for further training

For athletes who have two failings, UKAD employs the following process:

  • One-to-one meeting with the athlete, their NGB and an athlete representative, led by the Elite Athlete Support Manager. The purpose of the meeting is to go through, in detail, the seriousness of the situation, including the possible consequences should a third strike occur, a review of the Whereabouts requirements that apply, discussion relating to the circumstances behind the first two Whereabouts failures, and what support can be provided to the athlete to mitigate the risks of a third strike. At the end of the meeting, an Athlete Support Plan is produced.

UKAD is committed to helping athletes meet their anti-doping responsibilities and provide support to athletes who are part of a RTP. We have a dedicated Elite Athlete Support Policy in place and a dedicated staff member to assist athletes.

If athletes have any queries regarding the RPTs or ADAMS, they should contact