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UK Anti-Doping Pre-Paralympic Games Update

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has completed its pre-Paralympic prevention programme

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has completed its pre-Paralympic prevention programme

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has today confirmed that the national anti-doping organisation has completed its pre-Paralympic prevention programme with all team members tested.

In addition to the athletes competing, a number of those participating as guides and competition partners have also been tested as part of the programme. Under the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Anti-Doping Code, guides and a number of competition partners are treated as team members and therefore subject to the same anti-doping regulations.

UKAD has also been working closely with the IPC, International Federations of Sport, and National Anti-Doping Organisations to support them in their delivery of their pre-Game testing programmes. 

Director of Operations Nicole Sapstead said: “UK Anti-Doping remains interested in any international athletes coming over to the UK, be it prior to the Paralympic Games or any other time and from whatever sport or discipline. If we have reason to believe athletes are doping in the UK or are intending to dope, then they are likely to be tested.

“Any intelligence received in relation to doping activity by Paralympic athletes or their support personnel will be shared directly with the IPC.”

UKAD’s pre-Games prevention programme started with the education of potential ParalympicsGB athletes in the run up to the Games. The organisation hosted over 60 face-to-face ‘100% me’ education workshops worldwide and met with more than 545 long and shortlisted athletes and their support personnel. Education sessions were offered to athletes via numerous channels in partnership with the British Paralympic Association (BPA) and National Governing Bodies of Sport, including online and face-to-face workshops conducted in the UK and abroad.

Since 15 August, UK Anti-Doping has also been running a 24-hour ‘Clean Conscience’ support line to answer any questions Paralympic athletes have around anti-doping, supplementing the online materials available on the UKAD London 2012 microsite. 

UKAD Director of Communications and Education Nicola Newman said: “Our pre-Games prevention programmes required a huge amount of work from the athletes, sports, and the BPA, demonstrating this country’s commitment to clean sport.

“This was the first time we had met with some of these athletes, we wish the whole team great success in their events, and we want to reassure them that we are 100% committed to supporting them, 24-hours a day.”