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UK Anti-Doping launches Education Delivery Network

An Education Project Officer delivering the training

An Education Project Officer delivering the training
(Credit: UK Anti-Doping)

UK Anti-Doping’s Education Delivery Network (EDN) kicked off with a three-day course on 15-17 November for its new tier of National Trainers. The training provided an overview of their role within sport and honed their ability to deliver anti-doping education to a range of key audiences.

The EDN is a new education format which allows UK Anti-Doping to increase the capacity of the education services it provides to National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and other key partners, supporting them to promote clean sport. According to one trainer, Granville Bennett, a former Education Officer at the Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority, the new framework will “increase opportunities and partnerships with NGBs”, enabling UK Anti-Doping’s key messages to reach more of its stakeholders than ever before.

The course employed an interactive format, with trainers developing, delivering and reviewing presentations together, in line with the anti-doping curriculum and ethos of clean sport. Richard Davison, a Coach and Education Tutor, said that this approach gave him a “chance to experiment with different delivery methods in a supportive and constructive environment”.

The National Trainers, who work in a variety of roles within sport, will now be deployed across the sporting landscape and supported to deliver education and raise awareness of clean sport as part of UK Anti-Doping’s Prevention programme. Granville Bennett said: “The training has given me the tools, network and support to pass on the anti-doping message to the sporting community.”

University of Bath Teaching and Coach Fellow Ali Smith added: “The EDN is key to spreading the clean sport message and informing and supporting athletes throughout their entire journey.”

UK Anti-Doping Education Manager Amanda Batt echoed these comments, saying: “The National Trainers will enhance the education delivery services that UK Anti-Doping provides to its priority audiences.

“The enthusiasm and commitment to clean sport that I observed during the training was inspiring and we look forward to working with, and learning from, the National Trainers.”

For more information, please visit the EDN page.