Protecting the Right to Enjoy Doping-Free Sport


Parkinson: Reflecting on the first six months

UK Anti-Doping celebrates its six-month anniversary

Established 14 December 2009

As I reflect on the first six months of our existence as a stand-alone anti-doping agency and evaluate our achievements, I’m pleased and proud of the impact we have made.

We’ve provided education and support to the GB team going out to the winter Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver, been responsible for a world-first human Growth Hormone finding, formed an Athlete Committee and embarked on anti-doping education programmes for the Commonwealth Games and the UK School Games amongst others. We’ve seen in a new Government and have the support of the new Sports and Olympics Minister, Hugh Robertson, who recently attended and supported the launch of our new 24-hour doping reporting line.

The first six months have been busy and we have achieved success, but this is just the beginning. We have much more to do and as we strive to provide a high quality service we have to look forward and work with national and international sports federations, other anti-doing organisations, Governments and of course athletes to ensure we achieve our purpose, to protect the rights of athletes to compete in doping-free sport.

Key highlights from the first six months

• Official launch – attended by the then Sports Minster Gerry Sutcliff MP and the then shadow and now current Minister for Sport and the Olympics Hugh Robertson.

• Education and support to every member of the GB team going out to the winter Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver.

• Biological passport blood profiling programme implemented for a pool of athletes to monitor selected variables within the blood over time. Blood profiling provides yet another tool in the fight against doping.

• Invited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to form part of the Independent Observers Programme and conduct an audit of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics anti-doping process. WADA also invited UK Anti-Doping to support in the delivery of anti-doping education to athletes at the Games.

• World first finding of human Growth Hormone – widely considered undetectable, the finding caused ripples throughout the sporting world and has sparked debate across the Atlantic with a call for further testing in sports such as baseball.

• Commenced our anti-doping education programme and support to athletes and support personnel going out to Delhi for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

• Formation of new intelligence function and launch of new anti-doping reporting line – Report Doping in Sport 0800 032 2332.

• Memorandum of Understanding signed with London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games to assist in the delivery of a world-class anti-doping programme at the 2012 Olympics.

• Engaged with young and talented athletes and their parents and delivered anti-doping education and mock testing at Kelly Holmes’ On Camp with Kelly.

• Formation of the UK Anti-Doping Athlete Committee with athletes and support personnel from across sport represented. 

• Invited by WADA to deliver training to Doping Control Officers from around the world.

• Hosted a meeting of International Anti-Doping Organisation Chief Executives and WADA President and Director General to plan a global approach to anti-doping.

• Developing relationships with National Governing Bodies, forming agreements for information sharing with law enforcement agencies, providing education and support to UK athletes and protecting the rights of those athletes to compete in doping-free sport.