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Sport and Exercise Nutritionists Launch New Supplement Guidance

Sport and Exercise Nutritionists Launch New Supplement Guidance

Sport and Exercise Nutritionists Launch New Supplement Guidance

The Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) has continued to demonstrate its support for clean sport by developing a “Supplement in Sport Position Statement,” alongside UK Anti-Doping (UKAD). 

SENr is a voluntary register, hosted and managed by the British Dietetic Association, designed to accredit highly qualified sport and exercise nutritionists who have the capacity to work with athletes and players of all abilities – from the elite level to members of the public.

The statement aims to provide Athlete Support Personnel (ASP) with the necessary tools to support athletes by minimising the risks associated with supplement use. The statement should enable ASP to: 

• Appropriately assess the need for supplementation
• Assess the risk of supplementation
• Understand the consequences of taking supplements from an anti-doping perspective
• Provide practical guidelines and tools for the usage of supplements

UKAD’s Head of Education and Athlete Support, Amanda Batt, said:

“We are extremely pleased that the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) continues to show its   support for clean sport by providing its members with clear guidance through the publication of their Supplement in Sport Position Statement.

“UKAD supports and welcomes any initiative that aims to increase the awareness of risks associated with the use of supplements and how these can be minimised. SENr have an important role to play in protecting clean sport, supporting us in ensuring that athletes and their support personnel are provided with essential advice about sports nutrition, the principle of ‘food first’ and supplementation. With the 2015 Code, and the prospect of a four-year ban, it is vital that athletes seek current and competent advice before they decide to use supplements. 

“Together, the SENr and UKAD can help both current and future practitioners to effectively support athletes in their decision making and in managing the risks related to supplement use. Our combined efforts, and those of registered practitioners, will provide athletes with the best possible chance to compete, and win, clean.”

SENr’s Deputy Chair, Kevin Currell, said:

“Sports Nutrition is playing an increasingly key role for athletes of all levels. While food is always a nutritionists first port of call when looking to improve an athletes diet, there are times when using supplementation is needed, whether that be to correct a nutrient deficiency, for practical reasons, or because it would be difficult to get that nutrient in sufficient quantities in food.

“For SENr to take the lead on ensuring best practice in supplement use in sport is welcome. It will enable us to exercise our duty of care to protect athletes, coaches and practitioners as well as promote clean sport.”

Informed-Sport’s Director, Terence O’Rorke, said:

“Sports nutritionists work closely with athletes and help guide them on the responsible use of supplements. The more support the nutritionists have, the better guidance and advice they can give to athletes. This position statement enhances the support available to them and Informed-Sport is proud to be an important part of this in terms of minimising the risk of inadvertent doping.” 


Supplement in Sport Position Statement