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Sport and Exercise Nutritionists Commit to Protect Clean Sport

Sport and Exercise Nutritionists Commit to Protect Clean Sport

Sport and Exercise Nutritionists Commit to Protect Clean Sport

The Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) has partnered with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) to develop a “Clean Sport Commitment Statement”, demonstrating their support for clean sport and their role in protecting athlete support personnel (ASP) from inadvertently breaking the anti-doping rules.

SENr is hosted and managed by the British Dietetic Association. It is a voluntary register designed to accredit those individuals who have the competency to work autonomously with athletes, from the elite to the exercising public.

SENr has pledged its support for the protection of clean athletes and their ASP by committing that all SENr registered nutritionists will be expected to undertake the UKAD Accredited Advisor course, as well as abide by UKAD’s anti-doping policies and procedures.

SENr registered nutritionists will also commit to ensuring they do not condone, assist or support the use of prohibited substances or methods in any aspect of their work.

UKAD Head of Education and Athlete Support, Amanda Batt said:

“A vital aspect of our primary prevention strategy is to increase the levels of knowledge and decision making within the ASP community through our Clean Sport Education programmes. Our partnership with SENr supports this strategy and together we aim to minimise the risks of inadvertent doping by ensuring registered sports nutritionists are able to advise athletes in line with the anti-doping rules.

“We are seeing an increasing number of athletes turning to supplements to try and enhance their performance often without any clear guidance from a qualified professional. Supplements can never be guaranteed that they are free from banned substances and we are grateful to SENr for their support in managing this risk and publically committing to, and promoting the clean sport message.”

Chair of SENr, Dr Stuart Galloway said:

“The Board of SENr is really pleased to be able to make this clear statement of support for UKAD’s clean sport message. SENr registrants have a vital role to play in helping athletes to stay clean, maximise the benefits of nutrition, and advise them on appropriate use of supplements. We look forward to working closely with UKAD on further projects in the future.”

British Dietetic Association CEO, Andy Burman said:

“It is immensely encouraging to see the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register building an important working relationship with UK Anti-Doping. This a great step forwards in emphasising the importance of clean sport which is extremely relevant in the current climate.”


SENr Clean Sport Commitment Statement