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Global DRO Seminar for Sports Pharmacists Held in Tokyo, Japan

Speakers at the inaugural Global DRO Seminar for Sports Pharmacists in Tokyo

Speakers at the inaugural Global DRO Seminar for Sports Pharmacists in Tokyo
(Credit: JADA)

On 16 December 2014, The Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) hosted the first formal Global DRO Seminar for more than 250 sports pharmacists.

The seminar included presentations from the representatives of the founding Global DRO partners which includes the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES).

JADA joined the Global DRO family in 2013, and this Global DRO Seminar was the first opportunity for Japanese sports pharmacists to hear how each international partner country has implemented Global DRO and developed it as part of their anti-doping programmes.

Global DRO is an online and mobile tool that allows athletes to check the prohibited or permitted status of licensed medication according to the latest World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited List. In 2014, there were more than 486,216 searches between the four partner countries, speaking to the popularity and effectiveness of the resource.

The speakers illustrated how Global DRO has strengthened the Drug Reference resources available for athletes, Athlete Support Personnel, doctors, pharmacists and parents in each country. JADA shared their unique example of the Japanese Sports Pharmacist System, and the representatives from the US, the UK and Canada also discussed the delivery of their health professional education programmes.

In his keynote speech, USADA’s Science Director Dr. Matt Fedoruk, illustrated the practical importance of Global DRO and the value of providing education and resources regarding anti-doping rules to health professionals, including pharmacists and physicians, as they play a vital role in protecting clean athletes.

Dr. Matt Fedoruk said: “We are seeing a stronger need for close cooperation between the medical community and the anti-doping community in order to best protect clean athletes and sport.

“Implementing clear and consistent processes, and providing easy access to accurate information are important parts of any effective anti-doping program.”

JADA Chief Executive Officer Shin Asakawa said: “I am delighted to host this first Global DRO Seminar, opened to JADA’s certified sports pharmacists. We have benefited as part of this international collaboration Global DRO team. Along with the JADA Sports Pharmacists System, we can strengthen a ‘Clean Sport Triad’ and ensure the athletes receiving the appropriate information at anywhere and anytime.”

UKAD Medical Education Officer Anne Sargent said, “JADA should be applauded for engaging with sports pharmacists and recognising the crucial role they play in protecting clean sport through the influence they have on athletes.

“This inaugural conference provided an important platform to share best practice and for delegates to gain an increased understanding of Global DRO and its value in assisting athletes and athlete support personnel.

“UKAD is committed to continue working together with international partners to enhance anti-doping programmes globally for the benefit of clean athletes.”

CCES Manager of Education and Technology Cori McPhail added: “JADA is the most recent member of the Global DRO family, but like those of us already involved, they have demonstrated a clear commitment to providing their athletes comprehensive and reliable information about the medication they may need to take.

“Global DRO allows each of our agencies to support the training and competition schedules of our respective athlete populations with credible information they can access from anywhere. Thanks to our friends and colleagues at JADA for hosting a very productive and beneficial session.”

Global DRO is an expanding platform and is provided by the valued partnership between the US, Canada, the UK and Japan.