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Dame Kelly Holmes’ ‘Future Stars’ receive interactive 100% me workshop

UK Anti-Doping’s National Trainers delivered an interactive 100% me workshop to 22 athletes taking part in Dame Kelly Holmes’ 'On Camp with Kelly’ and 'Future Stars with Kelly' mentoring and education initiatives on Sunday 22 January.

The athletes, all middle distance runners between the ages of 19 and 25, were guided through a mock doping control test set up by the National Trainers to familiarise them with the testing process. This was followed by a quiz to remind them of their anti-doping responsibilities.

The session also featured an adaptation of BBC game-show the ‘Weakest Link’, in which the athletes answered questions about supplements and medications. Through this format, the athletes and their support personnel discussed key anti-doping issues, testing their knowledge of anti-doping.

Dame Kelly, who participated in the quiz as a contestant, said: “It is of the utmost importance that all sports people are fully up-to-date with anti-doping regulations and procedures and for that reason I ensure that all participants in my mentoring and education programmes take part in 100% me workshops.

“The workshop at our Aviva-sponsored ‘On Camp with Kelly’ Get-Together last weekend was an important refresher session for the athletes to ensure their knowledge is fully up-to-date. It was a good interactive workshop, with all participants adding to their knowledge on this important topic.”

About 100% me
100% me is an athlete support programme run by UK Anti-Doping that informs and educates athletes about anti-doping rules and their responsibilities throughout their sporting career. It aims to ensure that talented sports people understand and champion the values of clean sport.