Protecting the Right to Enjoy Doping-Free Sport


Clean Sport Education Part of Netball SuperLeague’s Super Saturday

Players from all eight SuperLeague teams took part in anti-doping education

Players from all eight SuperLeague teams took part in anti-doping education

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has teamed up with England Netball ahead of the first weekend of the Netball Superleague (NSL), to provide anti-doping education at Super Saturday this weekend.

Taking place on 30 January at the Genting Arena, Birmingham, players from all eight teams took part in clean sport educations sessions prior to the start of the season.

The sessions are part of UKAD’s ongoing collaboration with English Netball to develop, and implement, clean sport education across all levels of the sport, from grassroots to elite.

England Netball has a comprehensive anti-doping strategy in place, ensuring that players, and support staff, are aware of their rights and responsibilities, as well as risks associated with the use of supplementation and medications, giving players and coaches the chance to make the right choices during their careers. 

England Netball has a particular focus on developing anti-doping education for support personnel, recognising the important role that coaches and other support staff play in influencing an athlete’s career.

As part of their ongoing commitment to clean sport, every member of Performance staff at England Netball has completed UKAD’s Accredited Advisor Course. Likewise every Performance England Netball coach and the Head Coaches at NSL have completed Coach Clean - a Sports Coach UK accredited course which provides coaches with up-to-date, accurate knowledge that enables them to signpost players and colleagues to practical anti-doping advice and support.

Three members of England Netball staff are also trained UKAD Educators, enabling them to educate athletes on behalf of UKAD, whilst all NSL umpires have been educated on how to report suspected anti-doping offences.

England Netball Performance Operations Manager, Sarah Gandon said:

“We have really focussed on how to raise the standard of anti-doping education across the Performance Department over the last six months. We would like our England players to be role models for other netballers and promote netball as a clean sport by making sure that we reduce the risk of a violation through education across every area of the organisation.” 

UKAD Chief Executive, Nicole Sapstead said:

“Anti-doping education is a fundamental part of protecting clean sport. It plays a pivotal role in preventing doping through teaching athletes and support staff how to protect themselves but also how to make the right decisions to maintain the integrity of their sport.

“UKAD applauds the work of England Netball and the fantastic education programme they have put in place, especially at this weekend’s National SuperLeague. This is a sport who is clearly passionate and committed to protecting their game at all levels, and they are an example of what can be done to engage their players and coaches in the subject of anti-doping.”

For more information on England Netball’s anti-doping’s strategy visit their website