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Athletes Start Rio 2016 Clean Sport Education

British judo players took part in the first

British judo players took part in the first "Clean Sport" education session in preparation for Rio 2016
(Credit: Mike Varey, Elitepix)

With fewer than 200 days to go to the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, British judo players marked an important milestone in their preparation for Rio, as they took part in the first “Clean Sport” education session.

Clean Sport is a comprehensive anti-doping education programme which has been created by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), in partnership with the British Olympic Association (BOA) and British Paralympic Association (BPA), specifically for athletes competing in Brazil this summer.

Made up of three modules – Clean Sport One, Clean Sport Two and Clean Games – the programme will tailor anti-doping education to the needs of every athlete selected for Team GB and ParalympicsGB.

The BOA and BPA have also made anti-doping education a compulsory requirement for all accredited Athlete Support Personnel, who must complete the Coach Clean or UKAD Accredited Advisor course ahead of the Games.

As an incentive to engage in the process, all athletes completing the programme will be awarded a one-off Rio 2016 UKAD rubber duck, aptly known as “Squeaky”.

Proudly bearing the phrase “I’m squeaky clean”, Squeaky the duck has played a popular part of UKAD’s athlete engagement ahead of major games over the last four years, with bespoke ducks produced ahead of both London 2012 and Glasgow 2014.

Rio Squeaky has a green body, blue wings and a yellow beak and athletes are being encouraged to tweet, and post on Facebook and Instagram pictures of their UKAD ducks using #squeaky2016.

UKAD Chief Executive Nicole Sapstead said:

“At a time when the global spotlight is on anti-doping, it is imperative that we give the British public confidence that the performances they see from our athletes are achieved through years of hard work, determination and dedication.

“Working closely with the sports, the BOA and BPA, the Clean Sport education programme will form a crucial part of preparations ahead of the Games, by supporting all our Team GB and ParalympicGB athletes and support personnel to be in the best position to compete, and win, clean.”

BOA Chief Executive Bill Sweeney said:

“We are fully committed to ensuring that all athletes wearing the Team GB vest this summer are clean.

“The Clean Sport programme will give our athletes the tools and knowledge they require to make the right choices as they prepare for the Games.”

BPA Chief Executive Tim Hollingsworth said:

“The BPA fully supports UK Anti-Doping’s Clean Sport programme, and is completely behind the ambition for a clean British team at the Paralympic Games.”

Performer Director British Judo Nigel Donohue said:

“British sport has a proud tradition of supporting clean sport and we’re glad to be a part of it. We think it’s important that our players receive the very best education in clean sport and the sessions are a key part of our preparations for Rio”

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