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Kelly Holmes Education signs Clean Sport commitment statement

Dame Kelly Holmes delivering valuable education to young athletes

Dame Kelly Holmes delivering valuable education to young athletes
(Credit: Kelly Holmes Education)

Kelly Holmes Education has become the latest organisation to pledge their efforts to support doping-free sport after developing their Clean Sport commitment statement.

The promise sees Kelly Holmes Education adopting the UKAD and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) stance that ‘cheating, including doping, in sport is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport and undermines the otherwise positive impact of sport on society’.

Kelly Holmes Education was set up by double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes in 2004, and has been creating and delivering mentoring and education programmes to the next generation of elite sports performers ever since then.

Over 2,000 athletes, parents and support personnel were educated face to face through UK Anti-Doping’s 100% me programme in 2012, and all the  participants in the expanding Kelly Holmes Education programmes will now be part of this commitment to Clean Sport .

To support the commitment, UKAD will deliver education workshops to athletes and their parents taking part in the whole range of programmes delivered by Kelly Holmes Education, teaching them the values of clean sport as well as providing advice, such as how to check medications and on drug test procedures.

UK Anti-Doping Education Manager Amanda Batt said: “Educating athletes at all stages of their development about the values of clean sport and the dangers of doping forms an integral part of our long term prevention strategy. We can only do this successfully by working closely with organisations that provide support to the next generation of athletes.

“This partnership with Kelly Holmes Education shows how much they value the importance of clean sport. It will also provide these talented young athletes with the education and support they may need to stay away from doping as they progress through their sporting careers.”

The commitment also includes guidelines for coaches and tutors, who are expected to uphold the principles of anti-doping by not supporting the use of prohibited substances and methods and by contacting the Report Doping in Sport hotline should they become suspicious of an athlete.

Dame Kelly Holmes said: “Clean sport is at the heart of our core values at Kelly Holmes Education, and we are delighted to be working with UK Anti-Doping to show our commitment towards developing the next generation of clean athletes.

“Our athletes will be the role models of tomorrow, so we encourage them to support the 100% me attitude of being successful and confident while retaining the values of clean, fair competition.”

Kelly Holmes Education
Kelly Holmes Education has been creating and delivering sports education programmes since 2004, when ‘On Camp with Kelly’ was born, before Dame Kelly achieved her dream of becoming Olympic Champion not once but twice in Athens. 
The expert team deliver an expanding range of national and international programmes with local authorities, corporate partners, schools, colleges and universities. The programmes include the Jaguar Academy of Sport Mentoring and Education Programme, Gateshead College Education Programme and Isle of Man Sporting Excellence Programme. The ultimate aim is to leave a lasting legacy for young people and create the spark to inspire a new generation.


Kelly Holmes Education Clean Sport commitment statement