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2011 Prohibited List survey provides valuable feedback

Prohibited substances and methods

Prohibited substances and methods

In April 2011, UK Anti-Doping launched its first Prohibited List survey with over 200 respondents taking part in the questionnaire. 

The online survey was launched to assist with UK Anti-Doping’s ongoing Prohibited List consultation process, providing the wider science and sporting community with the opportunity to comment on the current List and offer opinion on how they view the future of the List.

Among the key feedback received, 87% of survey respondents believed the concept of strict liability to be clear, fair and reasonable and 85% of respondents stated that they clearly understood category S0 (non-approved substances) of the Prohibited List.

UK Anti-Doping Head of Science and Medicine Michael Stow said: “We would like to thank all of those who took part in the survey. This provided us with useful information to take forward to the consultation process. The feedback on the survey was greatly appreciated and we plan to develop this with a second survey in 2012.”

The main changes to the 2012 Prohibited List can be found here on the UK Anti-Doping website.