Protecting the Right to Enjoy Doping-Free Sport

Why Clean Sport Matters


Why clean sport matters

You are a Part of Clean Sport

To help sport remain fair and competitive, there are rules for athletes and their athlete support personnel (eg coach, physio, sports doctor).

These rules are the anti-doping rules. All athletes, whatever their sport and their level of competition, have to abide by these rules.

Why? Think about it, if we didn’t have anti-doping rules then not only would athletes be putting themselves at risk with their health, but you would never know if your competitors were cheating or not. How unfair!

If you are a member of a club or a National Governing Body of Sport, or you compete in competitions then you have to abide by these rules too. It is important you understand the anti-doping rules associated with your sport so you know how to be clean and stay clean.

UK Anti-Doping is here to help keep sport clean by enforcing these rules. UK Anti-Doping has a range of programmes to ensure that athletes are competing fairly. Firstly, we educate athletes like you as part of our 100% me programme. Have you seen what we do?

UK Anti-Doping also undertakes drug testing. You will no doubt have heard of drug testing, an essential part of supporting clean athletes and finding the athletes that choose to cheat. You can read more about the testing procedure at An insight into drug testing.