Protecting the Right to Enjoy Doping-Free Sport

Preparing for Doping Control

Preparing for doping control

These are some top tips for preparing for a test:

  • We recommend that athletes follow their normal hydration routine, because their urine sample must be of a certain concentration. Excessive rehydration could mean we need to collect another sample.

  • Athletes will be given an opportunity on the Doping Control Form (DCF) to record any medications and supplements that they have taken in the last seven days. We advise athletes to include anything that may come under these categories, including over-the-counter medicines such as cold and flu remedies, multi-vitamins and herbal remedies. We recommend that athletes keep a record of any medications and supplements that they have taken recently so they do not forget to list anything. Why not download the Clean Sport App and use the ‘My Medications’ function where you can add any medications you are, or have taken.

  • Athletes should feel free to ask the Doping Control Officer or Witnessing Chaperone any questions about the procedure. However, DCOs are not able to give advice on which medicines and supplements to record.

  • Athletes should record any comments or concerns on the Doping Control Form. It may be too late to report them after the test if they have not noted them on the form.

  • We recommend that you download and use the Clean Sport App with you for reference. 

Athletes have the right to request a ‘delay’ in immediately reporting to doping control for a permitted reason as specified in the International Standard for Testing (IST). Any request must be approved by the Doping Control Personnel.

For In-Competition Testing:

Permitted reasons for a delay include:

  • fulfilling media commitments

  • competing in further competitions

  • performing a warm-down

  • obtaining necessary medical treatment

  • locating a representative and/or interpreter

  • obtaining photo identification

  • any other reasonable circumstance as determined by the DCO/Chaperone.

For Out-of-Competition Testing:

  • locating a representative

  • completing a training session

  • receiving necessary medical treatment

  • obtaining photo identification

  • any other reasonable circumstance as determined by the DCO/Chaperone.

If you compete abroad, UK Anti-Doping recommends that you always take a representative with you and locate an interpreter if required.

Consenting to Anti-Doping Research

UKAD’s Doping Control Form has a section for an athlete to consent to their sample being used for anti-doping research.

In consenting to this, an athlete’s samples will be anonymised to both the laboratory and UK Anti-Doping ensuring research results cannot be traced back to individual athletes. Samples will not be analysed for substances that are not prohibited on the current WADA Prohibited List unless the athlete has provided consent on the Doping Control Form for their sample to be used for anti-doping research.