Strategic Objectives

Our vision is Confidence in Clean Sport

Our core business will always be to:

We will remove from sport those who break the rules and we will not be influenced by the profile or financial resources they may have.

We understand we must get the basics right to build public confidence in clean sport and in our work.

Our purpose

Protecting the right to enjoy doping-free sport.


  • Integrity – We do what is right, not what is easiest. We are fair and consistent. Our decisions are ethical and made for sound reasons
  • Teamwork – We work together and with others in a spirit of co-operation to achieve our aims. We communicate effectively and share our work
  • Excellence – We take personal responsibility for achieving the highest quality and we aim to exceed expectation
  • Passion – We are excited about sport and keeping it clean. We are proud of what we do and we believe that it matters.

Our Strategic Objectives (2018-2022)

  1. To deter, detect and disrupt doping in sport, and ban those involved
  2. To enable those involved in sport to implement effective anti-doping education programmes by providing information, support and resources
  3. To ensure compliance by sport and the sports councils with the National Anti-Doping Policy (NADP)
  4. To influence national and international laws, rules, policies and practices to help all athletes participate in clean sport

UKAD Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Download our Strategic Plan 2018-2022 in full as a PDF: