Report Doping in Sport

Reporting Doping in Sport

Report Doping in Sport provides an avenue for anybody to voice concerns about doping in sport.

“But I have no evidence...”
“But it’s just a suspicion...”
“But they’ll know I reported them...”
“But it’s not my place...”

​​​When drug cheats compete, your medal chances suffer. Whatever your reason for hiding your suspicions, it’s in your interest to tell us.

Contact us in confidence to share your doping concerns, however small they seem. Let us worry about the evidence. We’re constantly building our picture of doping in sport and your information could be just the detail we need.

You can call anonymously 24/7 to talk to a highly-trained operator who is independent from UKAD. If you’d prefer not to speak to anyone, you can also report your concerns online:

Call us: 08000 32 23 32

Submit a form: to submit information via a secure online form.

Report Doping in Sport - 0800 032 2332 Report doping in sport